How to Raise Funds You Need for Volunteer Travel

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about Overseas Volunteer Work, particularly concerning the individuals who volunteer their time and effort. One prevailing myth is that these people who volunteer are wealthy individuals who want to utilize their extra funds to do charitable work. However, this could not be any farther from the truth as some individuals do fundraising in order to fund their volunteer stint abroad.
The idea of fundraising to do join Fiji volunteer programs is most common among students who volunteer during their gap year. Fundraising is a great idea to produce the funds you need to finance your overseas volunteer work. Here are some of the tips you can use to raise the funds you need to travel to Fiji and volunteer:
• Solicit from people you know. Think about who you know who might be interested to support your Fiji volunteering efforts. Then, solicit money from them. Give them the freedom to select the amount of money they wish to provide you via solicitation. However, make it clear to them how and what you are going to use the money for. This will motivate them to give as much as they can.
• Start a fundraising project online. There are websites that are dedicated to help you raise funds for a project. You can set up a project in these websites and promote them online, especially among your friends or those who might be interested in the same cause. It is a good method to generate funds even from people you do not know; hence, you are not limited to your circle of friends or family. There are two popular websites known for their fundraising platform: Kickstarter and Fund and Seek. You can start with these two websites.
• Write to corporations. Again, you should choose whom you pitch the fundraising project too. Make sure to write well-targeted letters to companies or individuals to ask for their support. In order to get response from these major corporations, you need to know how to successfully write fundraising letters.
• Offer incentives for donating. If you really want to compel others to donate to your volunteer cause, you should promise them an incentive in return. This will give them that extra motivation to be generous.
• Hold an auction. If you have any items of value but no longer use, you can set up an auction or garage sale in order to make money out of these items. You can set it up in your neighborhood or a specific location. You must promote the auction sale online to let as many people know about it. This will give them the opportunity to join in on the sale and also for you to raise funds. As a bonus, it is a great method to do some spring cleaning or get rid of items you no longer use but are taking up space within your home.
Overseas volunteer work involves a lot of money – from your travel, to accommodation, and other basic expenses for the Fiji volunteers. Hence, you can use the ideas presented above to generate the necessary funds even when you don’t have a charity to back you up.