Packing Tips for Maximum Use of Storage Space

When you decide to use a North Melbourne storage utility, you want to maximize the space in return for what you pay. However, not every consumer knows how to pack his or her items in the best way possible. Without proper packing, your items would spread all over, with only a few items taking the entire space. The following tips could help you solve the packing challenge. Read on to find out:

Find the right packing boxes

Storage experts suggest that for every one large box, you require four small boxes for efficient packaging. Smaller boxes are ideal for heavy items such as books or utensils. Larger boxes are more efficient in packing lighter items such as beddings, linens, or blankets. Don’t be tempted to use the garbage bags as a quick solution, because the qualities are far different. They can tear faster and can cause mildew due to poor ventilation. You can approach a reliable North Melbourne storage company for packing advice. You could also inquire about storage unit prices from some reliable providers.

Pack boxes just up to their maximum capacity

Don’t fill your packing boxes beyond their capacity. It is advisable to pack boxes that you can lift comfortably. Even after packing them, the boxes should retain their shape with no bulging at the edges. You should not under-pack the boxes because the contents may shift during storage. From reliable north Melbourne storage companies, you can find sufficient foams to fill any space in the packing boxes with no additional weight.

Hanging wardrobe boxes are essential

Hanging wardrobe boxes prevent damage and wrinkling to stored items such as suits, dresses, and pants. As such, you can simply move the items from the closet to the packing box, ready for storage. These boxes are also ideal for storing drapes, garden tools, garage items, or bedding. If you would like to know about Keilor storage prices in Melbourne, visit

Use quality tape to close boxes

To ensure proper sealing of your packing boxes, you should use a quality packaging tape. With a wide, quality tape, you can close your boxes properly to protect your items during storage.

Label the boxes

After a proper closure of the boxes, you should mark the boxes according to the contents inside. Labeling is important because when you need something in future, you’ll not have to open all the boxes. In addition, it is also important to indicate whether the contents of the box are fragile, so other items should not come on top. Fragile items include glassware, picture frames, ceramic decors, and any other item that can break easily. Take a look at Dan Hadley Adelaide

If you are going to store power tools or furniture, you should prep them prior to storage. Drain the tanks of power tools such as lawnmowers, weed whackers, and other power tools that may lead to any leakage or odor during storage. If you are storing furniture, ensure you wrap them with appropriate materials to prevent scratches and damage during transit or during storage.

Once you have everything packed, you should be able to tell the size of your belongings, which helps you choose the right storage space. For more details, visit at: