Manage Your Wastes Using High-Quality Bins

Any major renovation to a house could result in a very large amount of waste material being generated.

The builders may have dumped old woodwork, furniture, an ancient refrigerator, an old retro TV or two, along with a pile of sand and general litter. All this has been left on the driveway. It can’t be “magicked” away. It has to be removed. The next question is how is this done? There is an answer. Skip Hire Logan clients recommend have the means to do this.

Skip Hire Logan

Services on Offer

Specific skips can be ordered for specific categories of wastes. These are the different kinds of waste that can be dealt with using these skips.

Solid/Heavy Wastes

All building waste can be catered for. This includes wooden rafters, old windows, furniture of all kinds. Also, rubble can be removed. This covers rocks, concrete, concrete blocks, brickwork, plaster, sand and tiles. Rubble, in particular, could be very hard to lift and handle. Given the weight and potential size of a lot of building debris, it is better to let experts deal with all of this. Help is at hand. Skip Hire Logan offers have the skills and experience of dealing with all these heavy and awkward items. The skip bins available vary from 2m to 4m in size.

General Wastes

These cover household and general commercial waste. These skips will also deal with green waste and renovation debris. Electrical items can be easily be removed. These include all the common “white goods”, fridges, cookers, washing machines etc. There could be surplus wiring, fittings and electrical plugs that have been stripped out during the course of any building work.

Green Wastes

Skip Hire Logan industries endorse helped with the general removal of garden wastes. The following can be easily dealt with: lawn trimming and grass cuttings, along with palm fronds. Organic garden wastes and tree trimmings can also be taken away..

Mixed Wastes

A slip can be provided that covers pretty much all of the above. This will go up to one cubic of waste that is solid.

If there is a large quantity of waste of any kind, a series of skips can then be supplied, to make sure all the waste is removed

What Can’t Be Added To The Skip Bins

However, Skip Hire in Logan can not deal with any hazardous wastes such as food wastes, tyres and batteries. Asbestos of any kind. Liquid wastes such as oil, petrol, and turpentine, etc. Paints, this includes both emulsions and spirit based paints. Any kind of chemicals is excluded from the collection. Also, tree trunks can not be removed by the skips

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Getting a quote can easily be organized by going to the website. Fill out the online form. If these are acceptable then an order can be placed via the website. Credit cards and electronic transfer of funds can then be made on this secure site.

This service is open to a number of Brisbane suburbs. This includes Logan, Northside, Southside and Redlands