How Important Keeping the Grease Off Your Kitchen Workspace Is

Frying bacon or a huge bulk of delicious steak is worth the battle against the explosions cooking oil makes when cooking at high flame. However, the little burns and greases we usually get from these when cooking fatty meats also go to the surrounding areas — the kitchen counter, the wall, or even the shelves. Over time, after numerous instances, these can go unnoticed and even harbor infectious bacteria. Having patterned tiles can hide these germs buildup for long durations if you aren’t wary. Manufacturers in Queensland provide alternatives like the glass splashbacks Gold Coast outlets provide. With glass, it would be easier to see the grease build-up before it gets too much.

Glass Splashbacks Gold Coast

Prevent hazards that can cause property damage

According to most fire safety regulatory guidelines, grease at high heat can get quite flammable. The more these are hoarded over time with less maintenance, the more likely they can cause a kitchen fire — burning up to the shelves and may even cause injuries/fatalities. Logically, the earlier you can see a grease build-up, the faster you can tend to the problem and kitchen walls. Plenty of glass splashbacks Gold Coast manufacturers have today may help you address the issue in less time.

Roughly 50% of your household fires in Queensland start in the kitchen alone, says Inspector Neil Dansie during an interview with ABC News. Around 33 percent of that statistic comes from cooking-related tasks. For fire prevention, it helps to know that while installing fire alarms are mandatory, you have to ensure grease and other flammable materials are eliminated as well. 

Technical detail: How can glass layers be different from steel-based or stone-based splashbacks?

Toughened heat-resistant glass, as what kitchen-warriors consider when they buy glass splashbacks Gold Coast manufacturers have, can be installed with preferred designs. Compared to stainless steel, acrylic or stone-based materials, it is relatively smooth and easier to personalize.

Of course, the kitchen is a sacred space for whoever likes to work in it. A reflective, smooth, easy-to-clean glass surface with a preferred design emphasizes how personal the cooking experience can be. One cooks best when they are in the zone and this is considered by providers like the glass splashbacks Gold Coast has.

Stainless steel is a popular material for commercial kitchens, however, many encounter issues with cleaning the grease off because it sticks more compared to glass. Cleaning becomes smearing the grease unevenly on the surface instead, ending up a bit neater with almost the same concentration of grease. In terms of design, your options are limited as well.

Stone-based splashbacks offer a non-glossy feel, however, they are more expensive. In terms of personalization, the options are limited as these are manufactured with only a given set of patterns — unlike the aesthetic flexibility glass splashbacks Gold Coast manufacturers provide.

Make your kitchen a personal space to create and learn from

Coming with a variety of personalizations without compromising durability, splashbacks can really come in handy in making you feel at home in your kitchen. Of course, if you prefer personalizing your room to add distinction, why not extend it to your kitchen with your love of cooking?

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