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Advantage and disadvantage of renting a condo

Many people do not know the difference between a condo and an apartment and those who do know are troubled with whether or not they should rent one or rent an apartment. The main difference between a condo and an apartment is ownership such that whereas an apartment’s units are owned by one person or a company, the units of a condo are each individually owned. Renting a condo in Pattaya has its advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include:


Most condos have security at their best as most offer gated entries. Also they have security guards to offer additional protection. Also the fact that most are in close proximity with other people, in case of an emergency, you can easily seek help from them.


Most condos have luxurious amenities like access to a swimming pool, fitness centers and lawns. All these amenities are not available in many apartments or even single home owners.


This has got to be the catch in renting a condo in Pattaya. You can use all these amenities without having to worry yourself on their maintenance as someone else will do that for you. Cutting the grass and fixing things are responsibilities of the Home Owners Association.

Great shape

Most condos are in great shape because they are taken good care of by the owners who buy and then rent them. Apartments, on the other hand, are not always in good shape when you rent them as people might destroy stuff because it does not belong to them. It’s for this reason that many condos have smooth finishes and modern appliances, details that are not in many apartments.

Landlord attention

Owners of most condos do not have a lot of property to manage. Therefore, you will have their attention most of the time. This is in comparison to apartments that have so many units; therefore, getting the attention of the landlord becomes quite a hassle.

However, as good as the deal sounds, there are some cons of renting a condo:

Condos are run by home owners associations (HOA). They are the ones responsible for running and maintaining amenities like the swimming pool. They, therefore, charge fees for these services; either you pay them separately or pay them in the monthly rent.

As condo owners are the ones responsible for their own condos, in case of any repairs that need to be done, you are likely as the tenant pay for these repairs.

To find a condo in Pattaya for rent can be quite a hassle as some HOAs and mortgage agreements have restrictions on renting of condos.

As much as renting a condo is such a tempting option because of the security and amenities that come with them, you have to consider your budget because there are the HOA fees in addition to the rent that you have to part with. Additionally, there is the difficulty that comes with finding one for rent. Armed with this knowledge you can make a better decision on whether you should rent a condo, or go with other options.

4 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Granny Flat

Whether you want a granny flat for your aging parents, for your older kids who need their privacy or to create a working place for you home business, a granny flat is an excellent solution. More and more people in Toowoomba are starting to appreciate the importance of granny flats as independent living space within a home. As the number of granny flats Toowoomba has to offer today grows, so too do the designs and acquisition options. Instead of building your granny flat onsite, you can buy a ready-made one and have it transported to your property.

Portable Toowoomba granny flats are quickly gaining popularity due to the cost and time benefits they offer. Besides that, the portable building saves you the physical and mental exhaustion that come with construction work. Buying a portable granny flat is not a walk in the park either; it has its bundles of concerns. There are several considerations to make before you buy the portable building. They are discussed below.

The budget

The best place to start when buying a portable granny flat is determining your budget. How much money have you set for the entire project? Knowing your budget gives you the trajectory of the options to consider – whether to go for reasonably priced options or the luxurious and expensive ones. By setting the budget, you avoid wasting time negotiating for expensive options that are beyond your reach. You might want to think of your granny flat as an investment. In this case, you can sell it off in future and make a profit out of it. Therefore, spending a little more on the building is a worthy course.

Quality and maintenance

It is pointless to have a building that requires costly repairs and maintenance all the time. It doesn’t make economic sense. Think about the material used to build the granny flat, is it durable or just frail? Granny flats Toowoomba suppliers offer a variety of materials. If you want a high-quality and durable building, steel is a good option. Besides durability, steel can withstand unfavorable weather conditions and is easy to clean.


The size of the building is one of the major considerations to make. The local council has set the minimum amount of land required per dwelling. If you don’t have sufficient space, you might be denied consent to set the granny flat in your property. So, before you set out to look for a supplier, check the local building codes to confirm if you qualify to have an additional building on your property.

Choosing a supplier

There are many suppliers of portable granny flats in Toowoomba. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Remember that the building is a lifetime asset, and so you need to make the right choices regarding it. Choose your supplier carefully and wisely. The best way to find a good supplier is through recommendations. If you know of anyone in your neighborhood who has bought a portable granny flat, talk to them and get a recommendation. The internet is also a good place to find suppliers who sell the best granny flats Toowoomba has. For more details, just visit

Green Design Features a Commercial Property Should Have

A commercial property for sale may have a great price, but is it sustainable? Sustainability in Australian commercial properties is not only highly encouraged by the government. It’s also humane and cost-efficient for landlords and unit owners. However, assessing green design in commercial properties is not a walk in a park.

commercial property for sale

Why is green design in commercial properties beneficial? Here are some of the goods it brings:

  • Fewer risks and liabilities
  • Low-costing operations and higher return on investment
  • Green design attracts tenants who are knowledgeable about green design as well
  • More future-proofed assets

If a commercial property for sale is available in your area, how do you assess its sustainability? A little disclaimer: it doesn’t have to possess all these features. Here are the signs that a commercial property for sale is off to a good start in green design:

Thermal Energy Storage System

Reducing energy is a must in any property today. People have doubts because of previous battery cost issues, but more corporate buildings are focusing on acquiring energy storage system these days. A thermal energy storage system is an HVAC or air-conditioning system that stores locally generated energy used in the form of ice or water.

Thermal energy storage systems in commercial properties help manage humidity and recycle power—which helps reduce energy costs. If you’re a commercial building owner, you could consider a thermal energy storage as a retrofit option. The environmental and cost benefits will surprise you—in a good way, of course.

Reliable Natural Ventilation

Green commercial buildings have reliable natural ventilation. Of course, natural ventilation is not always ideal for some commercial buildings. But if natural ventilation in a commercial building is properly optimized and distributed, then it will help in preserving its structural durability.

For example, rust is a real environmental problem in buildings nowadays, especially for the industrial buildings like mining and food manufacturing plants in areas with harsh weather. It’s also a hazard—rust-contaminated water could be a breeding ground for bacteria.

In buildings near beaches, rust could be a problem for tenants. If you’re looking for Sunshine Coast property rentals, be sure to look for Sunshine Coast real estate properties that are well-ventilated. Sunshine Beach real estate agencies can introduce you to spots in Dicky Beach, Kings Beach, and Moffat Beach. Trapped humid air with salt particles can cause metal structures to rust quickly. That’s why it’s also recommended to study about the weather condition of an area so that ventilation will be of use in case of unpredictable weather.

Pro-Productivity environments 

Many have put the correlation of green design buildings with employee productivity in question. In order to understand employee productivity, it must be clearly defined first. Employee productivity is when workers produce quality work in great quantity. This happens when employees are in good health condition and disposition. Naturally, this wouldn’t occur if a commercial property is situated in an unpleasant environment.

However, other than the environment, employee productivity could also be affected by social conditions and corporate culture. When including building design in assessing employee productivity, remember to consider physiological and aesthetic factor. Check if furniture like desks, chairs, and tables are comfortable enough, excessively bright paint colors, and lighting. Visit our showrooms at Henzells.

What First Time Waterfront Property Buyers Need to Check Before Investing

Most people dream of having a waterfront property. However, only a select few get to enjoy this privilege given the fact that waterfront properties can be highly expensive. If this is your first time to invest in waterfront land Pelican Waters can offer to build your home in, you have a few things that you must know. You probably have a few questions in mind about a waterfront property and how it compares to a traditional home. This guide will hopefully answer these questions and enable you to protect your newly acquired property. Check the Soil and Terrain When checking out waterfront land for sale, most property buyers only look at the views and the location itself. However, this is not enough because you need to do a more in-depth look at the property. You need to do your research about the area where the property is located. Check the type of soil, the overall terrain and the condition of the shoreline. Ideally, you need to get your information from a third-party, not from the seller of the property. You need to check if the soil has been tested if it is rocky, clay or sandy. If the property has a rocky shoreline, it can be dangerous for your children because the rocks can be slippery when wet and might have sharp edges on them. Meanwhile, if you have a clay shoreline, it can cause the water to become murky. A sandy shoreline is the ideal choice if you want to have clear water. It is also a good idea to investigate if there are any industries operating near the property. If there are factories or commercial buildings nearby, it can significantly impact the quality of the water and can affect your decision to invest in waterfront land Pelican Waters has to offer. Docks and Boathouses If you are going to buy a home rather than a waterfront land for sale Caloundra market has on its listing, you should check the amenities available within the waterfront home. A boathouse and dock are two of the most important amenities you ought to be looking for. The whole idea of having a waterfront property is for you to capitalize on the body of water accessible to you, whether it is a lake or beach. Hence, a boathouse and dock will make it more convenient to engage in various water sports activities. Visit the website at Pelican Waters Water Frontage The water frontage refers to the amount of land available that is directly in front of the water. The water frontage could also refer to the sides of the property (if the property is surrounded by water on the sides too). The more water frontage that is available in the property, the higher the value of the property. You can therefore adjust your options based on the availability of your budget. Are you ready to take on the responsibility of having a waterview land or property? If you answered yes, you can look at waterfront land Pelican Waters can offer today. Visit this website for property listings: