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Commercial pizza ovens: Which one should you choose?

Pizza is one of the most well-loved food in America. It’s popularity spurred many restaurants that offer this American staple. From small pizzerias to giant chains, more are cropping up by the minute. Having commercial pizza ovens is surely a lucrative business decision.

Commercial Pizza Ovens

However, what kind of oven should you pick? Here is a list of oven types that you can choose from based on your needs.

Brick Ovens

These are the oldest pizza oven design on this list. A brick pizza oven is usually wood-fired, but other alternative heat sources can also be used. These include coal or gas, but some purists would argue that a wood fired oven is the best.

These ovens use a combination of convection, conduction, and reflective heating. They are built using refractory bricks that can withstand high temperatures. The dome shape allows for the flow of convection heat as well as reflect heat towards the pizza. The hearth also absorbs the heat and retains it efficiently. If you want to offer an authentic pizza experience, wood-fired brick ovens are the way to go.

As mentioned before, heat sources can be wood, gas, or coal. They can reach temperatures of up to 700 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. They are, however, slow to build up heat which could take about 45 minutes on average. Cooking takes about 90 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the crust’s thickness.

Convection Ovens

These ovens are the modern take on pizza making. This pizza ovens use hot air blown inside. The circulating hot air ensures that the pizza cooks quickly and evenly with no cold and hot spots. This significantly reduces power consumption, making cooking pizza more cost-effective.

Convection ovens are also a great option if you have limited space. They come in freestanding and desktop models in various shapes and sizes. They use gas and electricity, making them efficient. These ovens cook pizza in 460 degrees Fahrenheit with a pre-heat time of about 15 to 20 minutes.

Conveyor Ovens

These commercial pizza ovens are so named because of the conveyor belt system they use. You put in the raw pizza from one side, and the cooked pizza comes out the other. These ovens can cook large volumes of pizzas, but are slow to cook, which might not be ideal for larger pizzerias. You can, however, cook other things with them aside from pizzas which make up for this drawback.

These ovens come in gas or electric heating models. They are also available in desktop and freestanding versions. The desktop version uses radiant heat while the freestanding version uses flowing heated air to cook. Cooking temperatures range from 400 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook within 4 to 5 minutes with little to no preheating.

Deck Ovens

Deck ovens are the middle ground among the rest. These commercial pizza ovens use ceramic floors or “decks” where pizza is placed and cooked. These decks are heated individually with either gas or electric heaters. The individual heating makes for an evenly and efficiently cooked pizza with an authentic feel of brick ovens.

Cooking temperatures reach between 400 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and can cook the pizza within 6 to 8 minutes. However, the biggest drawback would be preheating. This can take up to 60 minutes from cool to cooking temperatures.

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Try Not To Be Excessively Smug: Tips for Cleaning Your Mini Storage Unit

The sad thing about storage tenants nowadays is that they are regularly complacent when cleaning their mini storage unit. Since it’s not utilized all the time, they not making efforts in regular upkeep. More information Minibodegas

As one of the customers in a mini storage office, it’s your commitment to clean your own unit. You won’t simply keep your stuff free from bothers, yet you will be also productive.

Here are some cleaning tips you could take after in tidying off your mini storage unit: Click here Tu Mini Bodega

  1. To begin with, perceive what kind of things you will store in your mini storage unit. Orchestrate things as indicated by their versatility of being secured in an encased place.
  2. Dry-clean any dress you have to store before putting it on the unit
  3. Tidy drawers or pantries. Empty anything that will likely die when left unattended for a particular time allotment.
  4. Purchase pesticides or hostile to rodent arrangements and keep them in the unit.
  5. Try not to put materials that get harmed effectively with dampness on the floor, just in case a calamity happens.
  6. Mark every holder, guarantee it’s significant.

A Guide to Your Unknown Bug Bite Dilemma

If you live in the Gold Coast, AU, you’re probably tired of the beach so you just stay at home during summers. You’re relaxing in your living room until you notice that a bug bites you. It starts to itch a bit, but you ignore it. You catch the culprit—open windows. You start thinking of buying magnetic insect screens Gold Coast sells today until it itches so much and is swelling.

You start to worry: Oh, dear. What did just bit me? Am I going to have insect powers now? Most bites are harmless and go away on their own. Before you start to think irrationally because of panic, here’s how to find out what bit you:


Ah, the common criminal. You’ll know it’s them with their signature itchy, red or pink, and round mark. Swelling is usually common as it’s an allergic reaction to their saliva. They’re usually harmless, but they can also be ruthless. If you’re pregnant and planning to stroll around Latin America, you might want to put that plan in the trash can. Zika virus carried by mosquitoes there can cause birth defects to babies such as microcephaly.

Mosquitoes are also responsible for malaria and dengue fever, so if you have containers with stagnant water in your house, you have to dispose of them immediately as mosquitoes love to breed in those. The best preventive measure is to put a window barrier like the gold coast magnetic insect screens stores sell these days. Installing Magnetic Insect Screens in Gold Coast could cost for only A$200-290 for five windows.

Bed bugs

The most annoying bites. They appear in small, round clusters of red marks on your skin. And they are so itchy! Some people are so unlucky because inflamed hives cause an allergic reaction. Health care should be contacted immediately to prevent complications. Bed bugs can bite anywhere, so make sure to regularly change those bed sheets and mattresses. The silver lining though is that they don’t carry diseases.

Bee stings

Bee stings are painful but fade gradually to a dull, numbing sensation. Bee stings are red, round marks with a white ring surrounding it. The danger in bee stings is anaphylaxis or the severe allergic reaction to the venom by your immune system. This needs immediate medical attention.

Call triple zero (000) in a case of emergency. Beware of bees by putting a mesh barrier in openings near your garden. You can buy magnetic insect screens Gold Coast stores sell today if you want to install one on your own. On the other hand, if you pay for installations of magnetic insect screens gold coast has today, you have a five-year warranty.

Assassin bugs

If you get bit by these guys, you could really say that it was an assassination. These are insects that live up to their names. They can fly and usually show up during the night. They can cause painful bites, rashes, high fever, muscle aches, migraines, vomiting, diarrhea, and appetite loss.

Biting flies

Didn’t know flies could bite? Well, now you do. These insects are pests to horses, humans, and cows. Females usually love to bite humans. They can bring infestation and their bites are painful. If your house is near a marsh or a swamp, make sure to install some magnetic insect screens Gold Coast providers offer these days.

So now you might have a clue of what bit you. If it was a harmless bite, do the necessary remedies and maybe take extra precautions. If it’s an alarming bite like an assassin bug bite, you must seek a health professional immediately.

Here’s What Makes the Perfect Home for Your Family

The ideal house should be shaped according to the changing needs of your family. That’s why, when you’re designing your new home with the best builder Perth has, you have to make sure it fits around the current stage of your life. Then again, the smartest designs are versatile enough to stay stylish and comfortable throughout the years.

builder perth

Of course, there are several things you should consider when deciding on the final design for your family home. Below are some of them:

The Floor Plan

Connectivity and visibility – these are the two key factors you need to think about when picking a layout. When you have small children, you need to be with them almost always, but you should still be able to perform your daily activities. For that to work, there should be a balance between open plan living with secluded spaces away from the noise. You can find out more on how to achieve this from your chosen home builder Perth WA has.

The Utility Room

Where there are children, expect to find a mess or two in the works. Washing clothes is going to be a daily chore so you need to own a washer and even a dryer. It would be good to have room to store these white goods along with the bicycles, rain boots, swimming kits, and other stuff. Just make sure that the room will have a good enough size with designated storage areas for each family member. If you like, arrange for the builder Perth has to build a covered porch area right outside for hanging wet items or dumping dirty coats.

The Day Living Zone

As mentioned earlier, you need to have an open plan space. Ideally, it should be a combination between your den, dining area, and kitchen. These are, after all, where you and your family will be spending most of your time. Important aspects for this section include access to the garden, good natural lighting, and a casual yet comfortable ambiance. The builders Perth WA has can provide you with examples for inspiration if you don’t know where to start.

The Bedrooms

Parents are usually willing to compromise on the size of the master bedroom to make more space for the children’s bedrooms. This could be so that there would be individual study areas inside each bedroom. For the early years, you’ll want to have their rooms near to yours for supervision and other needs. But when puberty hits, you might want to have them located further away to spare yourself from the noise of sleepovers, electric guitars, and adolescent mood swings.

The Washrooms

Due to budget or size constraints, it’s not always possible to have a bathroom in each bedroom. You can, however, get one shared toilet for every two bedrooms as a minimum. Of course, this is after you’ve provided ensuites for the master bedroom and guest room. As your children grow older, they might demand their own bathroom so get help from the best hom builders Perth WA has for the renovations necessary by then.

Apart from what has been discussed above, you might also want to look into family activity rooms or private studies but these are optional. What’s vital though is to work with a reliable and professional builder Perth has, such as RedInk Homes, for your home designing and building needs. In this manner, you can rest assured you’ll get your finished home as true to the blueprints as possible. See more here