4 Important Things to Consider When Buying a Portable Granny Flat

Whether you want a granny flat for your aging parents, for your older kids who need their privacy or to create a working place for you home business, a granny flat is an excellent solution. More and more people in Toowoomba are starting to appreciate the importance of granny flats as independent living space within a home. As the number of granny flats Toowoomba has to offer today grows, so too do the designs and acquisition options. Instead of building your granny flat onsite, you can buy a ready-made one and have it transported to your property.

Portable Toowoomba granny flats are quickly gaining popularity due to the cost and time benefits they offer. Besides that, the portable building saves you the physical and mental exhaustion that come with construction work. Buying a portable granny flat is not a walk in the park either; it has its bundles of concerns. There are several considerations to make before you buy the portable building. They are discussed below.

The budget

The best place to start when buying a portable granny flat is determining your budget. How much money have you set for the entire project? Knowing your budget gives you the trajectory of the options to consider – whether to go for reasonably priced options or the luxurious and expensive ones. By setting the budget, you avoid wasting time negotiating for expensive options that are beyond your reach. You might want to think of your granny flat as an investment. In this case, you can sell it off in future and make a profit out of it. Therefore, spending a little more on the building is a worthy course.

Quality and maintenance

It is pointless to have a building that requires costly repairs and maintenance all the time. It doesn’t make economic sense. Think about the material used to build the granny flat, is it durable or just frail? Granny flats Toowoomba suppliers offer a variety of materials. If you want a high-quality and durable building, steel is a good option. Besides durability, steel can withstand unfavorable weather conditions and is easy to clean.


The size of the building is one of the major considerations to make. The local council has set the minimum amount of land required per dwelling. If you don’t have sufficient space, you might be denied consent to set the granny flat in your property. So, before you set out to look for a supplier, check the local building codes to confirm if you qualify to have an additional building on your property.

Choosing a supplier

There are many suppliers of portable granny flats in Toowoomba. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task. Remember that the building is a lifetime asset, and so you need to make the right choices regarding it. Choose your supplier carefully and wisely. The best way to find a good supplier is through recommendations. If you know of anyone in your neighborhood who has bought a portable granny flat, talk to them and get a recommendation. The internet is also a good place to find suppliers who sell the best granny flats Toowoomba has. For more details, just visit http://eliteportables.com.au/dongas-granny-flats-modular-relocatable-homes-toowoomba/